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Power Symphony

Power Symphony

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Power Symphony began its activity in September of 1994 and was founded by Singer Michela D'Orlando and Guitarist Marco Cecconi. After some live shows and a lot of rehearsing, the band decided the time was ripe for releasing a demo tape. In June of 1995 the band recorded their first, self titled five-track demo tape which was an instant success! The largest-selling Italian metal magazines (Flash, Metal Shock, Metal Hammer) reviewed very positively and the 500 copies printed went sold out in a very short time period.
From 1996 to 1997 the band composed new tracks and changed its style by adding Doom and Celtic/Folk parts to make a unique band sound even more unique. In 1997 the band went to the studio again and recorded a 5 tracks promo. In November '98 they signed with Northwind Records and released their first CD titled Evillot which was in stores in April of 1999 and distributed by Radiation/Nuclear Blast. The album was characterized by the excellent vocal performance of Michela D'Orlando, real heavy metal singer, and by epic, powerful and rock-hard melodies who she herself composed. The band goal with their debut CD was to cross the Italian borders and start making themselves known in the rest of the world, a goal which has been fully achieved!


Michela D'Orlando - vocals

Daniele Viola - bass guitar

Marco Cecconi - guitar

Nicola Conte - guitar

Mauro De Brasi - drums


1999 - Evillot


01 - Battles In The Twilight
02 - Shores Of My Land
03 - Evillot
04 - The Curse Of Every Man
05 - Inferno Suite
06 - I Am The Bard

2000 - Lightbringer


01 - The Way Of The Sword
02 - Lucifer
03 - Gethsemane
04 - Never Dream Of Goodness
05 - Song Of Men
06 - Quest For Knowledge
07 - The Necromancer

2002 - Futurepast


01 - Nine Moons
02 - Infinite Machine
03 - Blood Of My Enemies
04 - Army Of Saints
05 - Mother Moon