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Scanner is a German metalband that has existed since the beginning of '88, and as well as many others, they started their career on the Noise label. Just before the release of Hypertrace they changed their name into Scanner. Previously they were called Lions Breed. Actually one album came out with that name. They changed their name because they felt that they had outgrown the name Lions Breed. Now Scanner is struggeling with a another band which also is called Scanner, I thinks it´s a english techno-band.
In 1988 Scanner released their first album, it´s named Hypertrace and it´s on the Noise label. The lineup were Tom S Sopha, guitars. Michael M.A.J.O.R. Knoblich, vocals. Wolfgang Kolorz, drums. Axel A.J. Julius, guitars. Martin Bork, bass. It was a true concept - powermetal album. The theme were space or science-fiction, the reason to that is that Julius was studying astrology at that time and Knoblich thought that it would be a good theme.
Two years later they released their second album Terminal Earth, also on Noise. But the singer from Hypretrace had quit. One rumor is that Noise wasn´t willing to offer them a video and a single to Hypertrace, so Knoblich left. He was replaced with the Angel Dust singer S.L. Coe. With this album they got a video of the song Buy or Die. Pretty bad video but it´s funny.
After a long break Scanner began to write music again. Now they had a completely new lineup, except for the frontman Julius, John A.B.C. Smith, bass. Leszek "Haridon Lee" Szpigiel, vocals. D.D. Bucco, drums. In 1995 they released a new album called Mental Reservation. They had also switched record company from Noise to Massacre Records. Also another a concept album, but not powermetal, it´s a new aggressive and trashy personal style.
Two years later, in 1997, they made yet another album, still on Massacre Records. It´s called Ball of the Damned. For this album they added another guitarist, Stefan Nicolai, and a keyboard-player, Stephan Braun, to sound more modern. This album is also starring Ralf Scheepers on vocals on the song Puppet on a String. They also did a cover on Queen´s Innuendo.


Efthimios Ioannidis - vocals

Axel Julius - guitar

Torben Böhm - bass guitar

Florian Haack - guitar

Franz Eichberger - drums


1988 - Hypertrace


01 - Warp 7
02 - Terrion
03 - Locked Out
04 - Across the Universe
05 - R.M.U.
06 - Grapes of Fear
07 - Retaliation Positive
08 - Killing Fields
09 - Wizard Force (CD-Bonus)
1989 - Terminal Earth

Terminal Earth

01 - The Law
02 - Not Alone
03 - Wonder
04 - Buy or Die
05 - Telemania
06 - Touch the Light
07 - Terminal Earth
08 - From the Dust of Ages
09 - The Challenge
10 - L.A.D.Y.
1995 - Mental Reservation

Mental Reservation

01 - Break The Seal
02 - Upright Liar
03 - After The Storm
04 - Your Infallible Smile
05 - Conception Of A Cure
06 - Into A Brave Man's Mind
07 - Out Of Nowhere
08 - Nightmare
09 - Rubberman
10 - Wrong Lane Society
11 - 20th Century Crusade
1997 - Ball of the Damned

Ball of the Damned

01 - Puppet On A String
02 - Frozen Under Sun
03 - We Start It Tomorrow
04 - True Stories Teller
05 - Tollshocked
06 - Lord Barker's Theme
07 - Ball Of The Damned
08 - Judge On The Run
09 - Innuendo
2002 - Scantropolis


01 - Till the ferryman dies
02 - Hallowed be my name
03 - Flight of the eagle
04 - Turn of the tide
05 - Always Alien
06 - Engel Brechts
07 - Sister Mary
08 - The gambler
09 - Rest in pain R.I.P.
10 - Till the ferryman dies