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The band started its existence in 2000/2001 as a studio project of young bass guitarist Ronnie König, who started recording his own compositions. The first one who joined him was a friend of Ronnie, guitarist Jozef Rigo (spring 2002). As the songs were arranged for two guitars, they soon invited Ronnie’s former school mate and talented metal guitarist Ado Kaláber. Unfortunately, they could not find a drummer capable of playing classic metal style in time for recordings. As a result, they had to compromise and use a drum-machine instead. Luděk Struhař, the vocalist had joined the band as the last one. Interestingly, he was found via Accept – tribute band FLASHBACK from the Czech Republic. Moreover, he is also known as a skillful drummer of now disbanded PREMIER, once one of the top-selling rock bands in former Czechoslovakia. This line-up recorded the band’s first and only demo CD named Rise Up! (September 2003). Ambitiously, the band started immediately playing their live gigs. The first two dates took place nowhere else than on two biggest summer rock festivals which were organized in Slovakia in 2004 – More Than Fest in Martin and Masters Of Rock in Senec. There they shared the same stage with bands like Helloween and recently reunited Europe. Their live activities continued also during the following year, although the band focused on rehearsing and recording new studio material, which comprised more tracks than for just one album.


Luděk Struhař - vocals

Ronnie König - bass guitar

Filip Kolus - guitar

Andrej Kaláber - guitar

Ján Tupý - keyboards

Robert Jarský - drums


2003 - Rise Up! (Demo)

Rise Up

01 - Shadows Fly
02 - The Thunder
03 - Lonely As One Can Only Be
04 - Children Of Tomorrow
05 - Here I Am
2005 - Power Forge

Power Forge

01 - Steeds Of Flame
02 - Brighter Than Stars
03 - The Thunder
04 - Writing On The Wall
05 - Silver & Gold
06 - Shadows Fly
07 - Power Forge
08 - Lonely As One Can Only Be
09 - Children Of Tomorrow
10 - Here I Am
2006 - No Middle Ground

No Middle Ground

01 - Read The Stars
02 - No Middle Ground
03 - Truth Will Out
04 - Trigger Your Fantasy
05 - Fools Don't Change
06 - Fire Bell
07 - Evermore
08 - Back To Zero
09 - The Crossroads
10 - Gloria